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TDS 1s 250mah HV (inductrix / tiny whoop)

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Best performance AND lightest weight:

TDS 250mah HV (this battery): 6.32g

Tiny Whoop 255mah HV: 6.78g

CrazePony 230mah HV: 6.36g

Please Note:

  • This battery is only compatible with the PH2.0 Pigtail Connector.
  • To charge this battery, use this parallel charge board.
  • Charging this battery to full capacity requires a LiHV compatible battery charger., like this ISDT Q6 Plus Charger.

The latest and greatest in Whoop battery technology is here at TDS! This 250 mah HV battery, along with the all new PH2.0 connector, will give your Whoop more power than ever before. Combine this battery with one of our powerful sets of motors, and you'll easily do rolls, flips, and dives with your Whoop! This is the lightest HV battery currently available, and the best performing. The best of both worlds!

Output: True 25C constant discharge, 50C burst



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