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FT SEA OTTER - Flight Test

  • $ 4400

The Drone Store has the FT SEA OTTER - Flight Test

THE FT SEA OTTER is taking the sea by storm... and the AIR by surprise!!   

This plane is "Otter-ly" amazing!  Whether you are flying off water, snow or land this the SEA OTTER does it all!  The newest model from Peter "Mad Scientist" Sripol brings the sea plane design to a whole new light.  Peter designed this plane to allow for newer pilots to be able to have a simpler design for a better overall sea plane intro experience.  This might not be a "FIRST PLANE" for most people, but it is definitely a great intermediate option!  This plane flies wonderfully and feels great in the air and looks great on the water.  We hope you have as much fun flying it as we did!  So, grab one and let us know in the review section below about your experience... LET'S FLY!



1x FT SEA Otter Foam Airplane Kit

4X long push rods

1X firewall

4x bbq skewers

4X control horns

2X popsicle sticks

1X Flitetest Velcro STRAP

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